Garg Rice Industries

Garg Rice Industries -- one of India's leading rice millers and exporters-- was incorporated in 1984. Over the past two decades, it has provided its consumers with the world's finest Basmati rice. Although Garg Rice began with a modest single product line, Prateek Basmati, the portfolio has expanded to incorporate a multitude rice varieties These are sourced from the most fertile regions of the world to produce the highest quality products. Today the Company markets many brands of Basmati rice which includes the famous Prateek Pure Basmati Rice. `Prateek' brand is an exclusive brand for special grade Basmati rice.

Garg Rice is unique amongst rice producers. Indeed, today Garg rice is one of the few companies in India that can produce Basmati rice conforming to International standards.

The Company boasts of two state-of-the-arts processing plants with an installed capacity of 6MT per hour and consisting of sophisticated equipments imported from the United States, England and Japan. These plants also contain automatic equipment that packages rice in jute bags, pouches, mono cartons and laminated paper bags. An independent research laboratory supplements quality control to further improve upon the product.

Believing in the motto that the customer has a proven right to demand the finest product, our endeavour over the last two decades have always been towards creating and providing the best. Perhaps it is this product excellence and perfectionistic approach which have enabled us to build and maintain a longstanding and strong relationship with our customers.

Garg Rice has witnessed unprecedented growth. While the progress has been substantial, the future also holds immense promise. Always focused towards the customer's taste and preferences, the company enjoys a formidable share in the rice market in India and owing to the increasing, demand, is all set to acquire the overseas market.

Now, after having established its name in the Indian Basmati rice market, world-wide we are moving into a number of other food products. All set to repeat its success in the rice industry. Its trading operation became a partnership company - R.D & Sons- which is involved in exports of all kinds of pulses/ lintels from India.

The Company is headed by Rameshwar Dass Garg, Chairman, a man fired with entrepreneurial zeal who had sown the seeds of the company. His vast experience of over two decades in the rice industry together with a sharp eye for detail, have been largely responsible for the wide acceptance that the Company's basmati brands enjoy today.

Ajay Garg, Jt. Director, looks after Domestic Marketing, Finance and Corporate Affairs of the Company.

Deepak Garg, Jt. Director, handles the Purchase, Production, Quality Control and Administration of the Company.

Vikas Garg, the youngest of the three, and the Jt. Director, handles the Export Marketing and Business Development.

A highly qualified and dedicated team of professionals forms a formidable back up at Garg Rice to ensure an unimpeded flow of goods and services in precision to the discerning buyer. All operations are constantly monitored and managed by this finely honed and experienced group, which ensures that the Company retains and excels further in building up its reputation as an internationally known rice milling company.


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